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Ajo Savings

Our savings platform is designed to efficiently manage daily contributions for savers, commonly known as Ajo, Adashe, Akawo, and Esusu. With our system, savers can deposit a fixed amount daily or any desired amount at intervals through our VLAjo collectors, following a monthly cycle of 30 days. What sets our platform apart is that our VLAjo savers receive SMS alerts for each deposit or withdrawal they make, offering a unique and convenient experience compared to the traditional Ajo process. This structured approach provides savers with real-time updates and enhances their overall saving experience.

Utility Bill Subscriptions

At V&L Great Enterprises, we offer a convenient solution for the payment of DStv, GOtv, and StarTimes subscriptions. Our priority is to ensure uninterrupted viewing for our customers. To achieve this, we proactively contact our customers four days prior to the expiration of their subscription, reminding them to renew their subscriptions. Furthermore, we offer installation services for DStv and other satellite dishes. If you're in need of purchasing electricity tokens, you can rely on V&L Great Enterprises to handle it for you with utmost convenience.

Airtime Purchase

Our airtime purchase service offers a convenient solution for acquiring credit or talk time for mobile phones. With this service, users can easily purchase airtime to make calls, send text messages, and access data services. We provide multiple channels for airtime purchase, including mobile network operators' online platforms, and physical retail stores. Our service allows users to choose from a variety of denominations and payment methods, ensuring flexibility and convenience. With our airtime purchase service, customers can enjoy the benefits of instant recharging, ensuring uninterrupted communication and seamless access to mobile services.

Ice Block Production

We understand the significance of ice blocks for parties and event centers. At V&L Great Enterprises, we have a solution to ensure you have an ample supply of ice blocks for your event. Simply make a reservation in advance, and we will ensure that the ice blocks are readily available at the venue of your event. With our service, you can have peace of mind knowing that your ice block needs will be taken care of seamlessly.